Sirupus Causuroni - cough suppressant, expectorant and bronchodilatative remedy used in the treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis, acute respiratory viological infections, bronchial asthma, and for other airway diseases associated with bronchocоnstriction 

Сertificate of registrationСertificate of registration
Instructions for use

Sirupus Causuroni


Extractum Hederae spissum                    0.7 g

Sorbit                                                             32.0 g

Sorbic acid                                                    0.15 g

Aqua destillata                                         100 ml /before the syrup is administered

PHARMACOLOGICAL FEATURES:  Causuroni has anti-cough action in the treatment of the diseases of respiratory airways, it also has expectorant  and bronchospasmolytic effect. dillutes phlegm and assist its removal from the airway.

THERAPEUTIC  INDICATIONS: Causuroni is used as cough suppressant or expectorant during acute and chronic bronchitis, acute respiratory viological infections expectorate, hoping-cough, bronchial asthma, and for other airway diseases causing bronchial spasm. The drug can be prescribed in combination with other bronchiolitic medicines.

DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS FOR USE: is administered perorally as per the doctor’s prescription, 2 tea spoons three times a day, in children (1-6 years old) 1 tea spoon three times a day, and for adults 2-3 tea spoons three times a day.

CONTRAINDICATION: increased sensitivity towards components of the medicine.

PRESENTATION: 100 ml a tightly closed orange color glass or polyethylene  bottle. Each bottle is labeled.

SHELF LIFE:  2 years.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from light.

Prescription not required.